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1.13 - Left Behind

"You'll have to drag me out by my feet!" Ruby screams while Kerry drags her out by her feet. 

It is of no use: the decision to move is final and the day has come. The furniture has already been transported, now all that's missing in the new high-rise apartment is a family to move into it.
Ruby refuses to cooperate and Jade is screaming somewhere in the background to support her sister.

The new home isn't huge, but it's an upgrade. Kerry has a room, the kids have a room, and there's a large living and dining room so they can invite others over and don't have to celebrate birthdays in the park.

"It's so empty!" Jade remarks.
"Of course! We're not done furnishing yet," Kerry says.

Jade runs into the bigger one of the two bedrooms. "Woaaah, this is all ours? I love it!"

"I hate it," Ruby grumps.
"Yeah, I hate that Richie isn't here," Jade is suddenly reminded of their protest earlier. "Bu…

1.12 - One Day We'll Have A Pool

Ruby extends her leg towards the ceiling. Point your feet, hold it - seven, eight, and turn!
Marcus had come along to support and watch his granddaughter compete with a jazz solo in the minis age division.
"Isn't she wearing too much make-up for a little girl?"
"I don't know," Kerry shrugs, "I didn't make her wear it, that's on her teacher." She squints a little. Ruby has some lipstick on her single front tooth. It's her first permanent tooth, too. Kerry resists the urge to say something about kids growing up too fast and decides to feel proud instead. She raised this kid.
Grandpa Marcus is enthusiastic as ever. It's his first time watching competitive dance. "Wow, all these kids are so small and so talented! When I was that age my greatest talent was making fart noises with my armpit. It might still be, actually!"
"Oh, so that's where she got that from."
"Wooo! You go, girl!" Marcus screams throug…

1.11 - The Mini Elite

Kerry shakes another nightmare off her shoulders. Too irritated to just turn around and continue sleeping, she drags herself into the bathroom.
Quietly, so as to not wake up her daughters, she splashes some cold water on her face. It's a good way to wash away dreams and nightmares still lingering in a sleepy brain.
Her heart has a hiccup as she jumps up a little. She did not hear anyone coming.
"Ruby! You startled me. What is it?"
"I can't sleep."
She picks her big girl up to comfort her and regrets it immediately. She's gotten awfully heavy. They might have to stop the picking up game soon or her back will really feel it.
"Too excited before your big day, hmm? I'll make a hot milk with honey for both of us -" and brandy for mommy, she adds in thought, "and then let's try to get some more sleep, okay?"

A few hours later Kerry is still tired but Ruby is ready to leave.
"Mooom. We will be late!"

1.10 - Family Reunion (pt.2)

"So I finally get to meet you in person..." Is she supposed to hug him? Call him dad? No, too early.
Kerry has a father. A real father whose identity is no longer a mystery. It's hard to believe. After some back and forth texting they meet for the first time on a sunday afternoon in a nice little coffeehouse in town.
They start with some cautious smalltalk, both of them clearly shocked at the recent revelation.
"I can't believe it yet either", Marcus says, shaking his head in disbelief. "I have a grown daughter...  and such a beautiful one too!"
Kerry shifts uncomfortably in her seat and looks down at her salad. If there's one thing that makes her feel uneasy it is men more than twice her age complimenting her appearance.

"Did you have a suspicion that you might have a child somewhere?"
"Not at all! Why'd I take the test? Same as everyone else I suppose, was curious about my ancestry, my culture, that stuff. I was mindblown …