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1.16 - Slumber Party

"Ladies and gentlemen, I have called you here for an emergency meeting. As you might have noticed, we are currently being invaded by small humans," Richie meowed. "Lion, I will have you survey the area from the tower. Nelly will observe the kittens' room. Switch shift at sunset. I will be the window lookout and alert you of new intruders."  If I can reach the windowsill , he thought. "Um. Cool PJs," Ruby said to Striker, who was wearing sports-themed pajamas, "you didn't need to bring them though. We said, uh, mom said the boys had to go at 7pm..." "Oh," Striker said. "But Derik is wearing his too." "What? Well fine, you guys sleep in the living room then." Ruby quickly got into her sleepwear herself and then called everyone to the feast her mom had prepared. The good thing about having to feed a horde of children was that they didn't have expensive tastes. Some fatty mac and cheese and a plate of hotdogs

1.15 - Spring Holidays

"I'm glad you could make it, Ramona. I really appreciate it." "Of course," she said, "so you are taking it to court after all. After so many years."  "I wouldn't have done it for myself," Kerry said and paused. "I wouldn't even have done it for anyone else he might be teaching right now. But I have to do it for Ruby. Before she goes to highschool." Ramona nodded. "Let's grab a bite to eat and talk inside." *** It was the spring holidays and Kerry needed some peace and quiet while she was handling some personal business, so Ruby and Jade stayed with their grandpa. Marcus adored his grandkids. Kerry was his only child and he often regretted that he had been cut out of her life like this. He was no deadbeat, he would have loved to raise Kerry, had he known of her existence earlier!  At least he could be somewhat of a father figure to his grandkids now, he thought. Though he never expected it to be such a physicall

1.14 - Lord Richie and His Peasants

A week had passed since the family moved. The apartment still looked very bare and the severe lack of cat didn't help in making it feel any more homely.  But Kerry would survive it, even though she really loved Richie, that jerk of a cat . Ruby on the other hand was much more affected. She had a special bond with him ever since she was born, or maybe even earlier when Ruby was still in Kerry's womb and Richie would lie on the pregnant belly and purr to the unborn baby.   And so Kerry had been secretly searching pet adoption sites to surprise her daughters. The family was in need of a new cat or two. Two littermates were up for adoption, one boy and one girl, just over a year old.   Kerry was more than happy that her own kids were old enough to use the bathroom by themselves and not in the mood to train any kittens to use the litter box. Two young adult cats were perfect. She made another call and hoped that her kids would like the surprise. When the animal shelter employee arri