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1.11 - The Mini Elite

Kerry shakes another nightmare off her shoulders. Too irritated to just turn around and continue sleeping, she drags herself into the bathroom.
Quietly, so as to not wake up her daughters, she splashes some cold water on her face. It's a good way to wash away dreams and nightmares still lingering in a sleepy brain.
Her heart has a hiccup as she jumps up a little. She did not hear anyone coming.
"Ruby! You startled me. What is it?"
"I can't sleep."
She picks her big girl up to comfort her and regrets it immediately. She's gotten awfully heavy. They might have to stop the picking up game soon or her back will really feel it.
"Too excited before your big day, hmm? I'll make a hot milk with honey for both of us -" and brandy for mommy, she adds in thought, "and then let's try to get some more sleep, okay?"

A few hours later Kerry is still tired but Ruby is ready to leave.
"Mooom. We will be late!"

1.10 - Family Reunion (pt.2)

"So I finally get to meet you in person..." Is she supposed to hug him? Call him dad? No, too early.
Kerry has a father. A real father whose identity is no longer a mystery. It's hard to believe. After some back and forth texting they meet for the first time on a sunday afternoon in a nice little coffeehouse in town.
They start with some cautious smalltalk, both of them clearly shocked at the recent revelation.
"I can't believe it yet either", Marcus says, shaking his head in disbelief. "I have a grown daughter...  and such a beautiful one too!"
Kerry shifts uncomfortably in her seat and looks down at her salad. If there's one thing that makes her feel uneasy it is men more than twice her age complimenting her appearance.

"Did you have a suspicion that you might have a child somewhere?"
"Not at all! Why'd I take the test? Same as everyone else I suppose, was curious about my ancestry, my culture, that stuff. I was mindblown …

1.9 - Family Reunion (pt.1)

It has been 18 months since Jade's birth now. Winter is slowly approaching, Jade can finally stand upright on her own two feet and Ruby is so active that Kerry has been considering enrolling her in a dance class to get rid of some of that energy. Kerry has been a 24-hour stay-at-home-mom since then, and it's a job much tougher than what she used to do at 2Pro Inc. But also much more rewarding. "Mom! Mom! Mom! MOM, look what I can do!!!", Ruby yells and swings her legs over her body into a handstand that is certainly impressive for her age.
"Jay do!", the little one yells in response and tries to mimic her sister's stunts, but her feet still remain on the floor.
"Wow, that's great! But just don't hurt yourself please... Maybe you want to go outside to play so you don't bump into any furniture, yes?"
Now that it's already been one and a half years since Jade's birth she's ready to get back to work and has been sending ou…